Aadyashree Drilling International Private Limited (ADIL)

Aadyashree Drilling International Private Limited (ADIL) serves a broad spectrum of upstream in oil & gas sector. It is techno-commercially equipped to cater to range of equipments and projects for these sectors. ADIL have the strong network which provides its clients speedy access to Indian market, based on credible advisory and information flows. ADIL have an extensive network and experience from rig consortiums to identify and pursue business opportunities on behalf of the Drilling Contractor. ADIL act as the coordinator between the Drilling Contractor in the Alliance with the operators. ADIL have successful represented Jasper Offshore, Singapore, CPOE (Subsidiary of CNPC), China, Gulf Drilling International, Qatar in ONGC for Offshore Jackup Rigs besides timely support with crew and material for the execution of contract awarded to its clients.

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Jasper Offshore is an international offshore drilling contractor providing efficient, safe and reliable drilling services to the oil & gas industry. ADIL have represented Jasper Offshore in ONGC for their drillship “Jasper Explorer”

China Petroleum Offshore Engineering Company (CPOE) is subsidiary of CNPC, State Owned Company of China having fleet of offshore rigs and covered all spectrums of the oil & Gas Industry. ADIL have represented CPOE in ONGC for their Offshore Jackup Rig CPOE 9

Gulf Drilling International QSC (GDI) was incorporated in 2004 as a joint venture between Qatar Petroleum (60%) and Japan Drilling Company (40%). GDI has direct ownership of nine drilling rigs (five offshore, four onshore) which are used to drill wells suitable for oil and natural gas extraction. ADIL have represented GDI in ONGC for their Offshore Jackup Rigs “Msheireb” & Dukhan